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Design and


The design and engineering services provided ranges from Civil, structural, mechanical and electrical for both building and infrastructure projects including residential building, Rail, stations depots and bridges. 

We recognise the design stage is one of first steps to translate client’s ideas to life. As such the designers work closely with the client providing different options, each with its benefits and limitations, developing simulations and models where possible to present the client with the necessary information to enable the client make an informed decision, which ensures project success and fulfils clients/stakeholders/end-users requirements.

Regardless of the facility, our design engineers are able to apply their expertise supported by the latest CAD and environmental computer software to develop the most appropriate and cost effective solution achieving the client’s objective in the process.

Project Management

Our project management services supports the clients project from the design through the implementation, which includes defining client needs, preparing bid documents, tendering, bid analysis, construction review, payment certification, contract administration, and warranty inspections.


Our qualified staffs are experienced to conduct feasibility studies and impact analysis reports taking into consideration all technical, financial, logistical, legal and environmental considerations in the planning phase of the project. We study the projects and recommend the most effective procurement method to adopt such as design & Build, traditional procurement or management contracting depending on the situation.

Our approach is to develop systems which are flexible to changes, thereby keeping the project on track what ever happens. To also maintain a collaborative climate amongst the project team by setting up structures which enables excellent communication between the client, contractors, planning and other regulatory bodies to ensure project issues are minimal.

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Project Planning

Our project planning team are not just trained to use planning software, rather they are engineers and project  managers with the skill to use these planning applications, hence making the planning applications effective management tools which they are and not a replacement for the planning process 


The planners, schedules projects to facilitate the delivery of the project to time and within budget. Producing various reports at different stages of the project such as progress reports, commercial earn-value analysis. These reports are produced in standard forms or adapted to suit the clients requirement


we always update ourselves with the latest relevant technological development in Planning tools, including – Primavera 6, Power projects, Micro soft projects, these applications are run independent of the clients system or integrating this into clients existing systems where practicable 

Employer's Agent

We see the role of an Employer’s Agent as pivotal to the success of the project acting at all times in the best interest of the Employer in administering the project from inception to completion. Our role includes the following:

  • Structure the professional team to manage and control the project efficiently.

  • Advise on all compliances required by the project to obtain funding and acceptance by all statutory authorities and controlling bodies, i.e. Planning and Building Regulations.

  • Control the design process to manage any variations in work.

  • Produce robust contract documents

  • Assist in legal negotiations/discussions

  • Manage the project on site, including monitoring the contractor’s programme, cash flow and valuations.

  • Ensure satisfaction co-ordination and liaison between the development team and housing management or new owners

  • Liaise with the Client.

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Commercial Management

The Commercial services are available through the project life cycle from the inception of the project through the design, construction and installation phase right to the project commissioning and actual use. This services are grouped into three main phases.

The Pre-Contract Phase which comes with key services such as, viability assessments, cost vs benefit analysis, development land sales, financial appraisals, acquisition and site assembly, strategic asset review, procurement strategy and consultancy and planning, development briefs and master plans.

The Contract Phase includes key services such as cash flow forecasting, cost consultancy, cost control, cost-In-use & whole life costing, cost Management, cost planning, final account preparation, M&E cost control and Value Engineering.

The Post Contract Phase includes services such as the maintenance of Infastructures and their services, collection of rents and other charges, strategic advice, ensuring compliance with health and safety amongst other requirements, property insurance and service charge analysis and monitoring. 

Property Redevelopment

All properties will at some point be redeveloped, either individually or as part of a larger regeneration. The key is to identify the potential early in the process and then set out and implement a delivery strategy in order to add value, relative to market indices. 


In short, developments need to be pro-actively managed so that the constituent elements, including land use, occupiers, finance, planning, third party land ownerships, and vacant possession, to name a few, are all coordinated so as to achieve delivery at the optimum point in the cycle. In spite of present market uncertainty, it is incumbent on land owners to review property holdings in order to plan today for tomorrow’s gains.

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Risk Management

Usually on projects you have a risk management meeting where the possible risks are identified, their level of occurrence and severity is decided and possible mitigation methods are determined. This information is usually complied on a Risk register/procedure which is kept in a drawer until the event occurs, making makes the process reactive.

We view risk management as a proactive continuous process that is why at every stage in the project life cycle, the risks are evaluated from conducting stakeholders analysis at the project initiation stage to managing risk reduction meeting during the construction phase.

ACL provides strategic advice on all areas of risk, be it Operational, Financial, People, or Commercial risk. To ensure the project team is proactive, the risk findings are passed down to the supply chain ensuring the risk is allocated to those individuals best placed to manage them. This ensures the potential risk is mitigated as early as possible because we understand that prevention is usually a more cost effective solution

Dispute Resolution

Disputes often cost money and lost of time to a project. Our philosophy is to avoid disputes first by setting out clear concise remit of what the clients, stakeholders and end-users expects from the project.


This is fundamental

Understand the legal and cultural climate under which the project is being executed. Ensuring the risks versus rewards are balanced across all parties involved with the project where possible and resolving issues at the lowest level before they escalate.

This is achieved by promoting the adoption of proactive working techniques such as the use of early warning systems. Where disputes arise to exhaust the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques (ADR), before the dispute is taken further.

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Environmental Services

The ever increasing environmental awareness and the impact of our present actions have on future generations, makes sustainability an integral part of our process.

Our strategy is to approach projects with sustainability bias by proposing and implementing ways to protect our existing Environment and safeguarding the needs of future generations which benefits the planet.


This allows a balanced assessment of the Environmental impact of any potential development to ensure that any negative impacts are minimised and conversely any positive impacts are identified. 

Management Consulting

In addition to the self-delivery implementation ACL provides strategic support, in assisting both clients and contracting organization to address not only their medium and long-term business plans but specific projects where perhaps a different approach needs to be considered.

This service offers a way to harness our specific qualities and use our expertise to develop and/or implement plans, from conceptual planning to turnover. The purpose is to assist clients with in house construction services and construction organizations identify and implement initiatives to help improve performance across a range of areas. including: 

  • Project management/Project support 

  • Procurement Management 

  • Commissioning of new buildings and services 

  • Bid Support Management 

  • Technical Adviser 

  • Partnering and Team Workshops

  • Business Planning and Strategic Modeling 

  • Soft skills training and coaching 


These services are offered as a complete, integrated, single-point service-delivery option, or they can be individually accessed where that is the preferred option



    Our rail team has experience across a range of disciplines, including building, civil engineering, track & Permanent way, signalling and telecommunications. Coordination with major infrastructure projects.  

  •  ROADS 

    Services covered from single lane roads, flexible carriage ways, motor ways to Grade separated junctions including ancillaries drainages, Kerbs  foot paths paved areas, high ways verges, planting street lighting, traffic management, feasibility studies road network design and mapping,   

  •  Electrification & Power 

    Strategic power generation plants power distribution including ancillary equipments and civil, steel structures. Our team appreciates the importance of early involvement of suppliers, selection and matching of specialist equipment procurement of long lead items across different countries with different specifications. 


    Understanding the environmental impact providing clients with risk, benefits and rewards to enable clients make informed decision taking into account their ambient condition and the impact on future generations.

  •  Commercial Building 

    The commercial sector covers a range of buildings for business use, from small owner-occupier developers to speculative business park accommodation, and bank premises to new-build headquarters buildings.  

  •  RESIDENTIAL Building 

    Affordable housing, luxury apartment’s modular housing units for military quarters school hostels and individuals. For both private and public sector clients. 

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